Framing to Nudge To Self Serve

Councils have been squeezed financially, and they want to increase self serve without reducing choice.

In this case we wanted to encourage the public to recycle or take their own bulky waste to the tip, rather then requesting that the council come and remove it, so our success criteria was very clear. Although bulky waste removal is a paid service, it has a significant operational cost.
We used a bunch of techniques based on framing the context and nudge:


  • By setting the default – the first option seen – as recycling;
  • By framing the context as an issue about reuse and recycling, and care for the environment;
  • By framing the solution – self serve as being easy and quick, and the collection as slow and expensive.

By simply using words and ideas, we encouraged the behaviour we wanted and saved the council money that they could then use more effectively elsewhere.

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